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Dwindling Views

So, I guess its true that if I don’t frequently post, my views go down.. Boo! Anyways, update time 😀

Music Update: I now have a new favorite band and it is the Black Veil Brides. The fact that Andy’s singing voice is deep shows me that I don’t have to hit falsetto to be a good vocalist, so that’s a win. Great lyrics, awesome instruments, this band is good. I hear they’re gonna be at Warped Tour. Hopefully I’ll get to see them.

In other news, I’m kinda mad that Nason left Falling in Reverse, but at the same time as long as he’s making music its all good I guess. I heard they got the album done, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find another bassist.

YuGiOh Update: My Genex deck isn’t fairing too well against other metas, especially Six Sams and Blackwings, and I’m finally gonna shell out some cash to finish up my Nordic deck. I guess for my Genexes I have to rework the build, maybe add some non-genex monsters. Also I’m still looking for a Stardust Dragon and a Black Rose Dragon. I have my trade binder up on youtube, Ill put the link at the bottom so you can check it out. It’s in two parts.

Anime/Manga Updates: My friend Chad and I are currently planning a Kingdom Hearts doujin. The character’s Keyblades will be based off of music genres. The main characters will be treasure hunters who are swepped into the battle while exploring an old castle. Each charater has their own goal, Kradic wants to keep the light( I think thats where Chad was going with it), and Raze wants to fight a strong opponent.(Don’t mistake this for wanting absolute power, he just likes a good fight.) We don’t have a title for it yet, but I am working on character designs.

Yeah so that’s RazeExANGEL for ya.

Til Next Time,
Trade Binder link:


OH Yes

Yesterday my this blog got a record 37 veiws! Im accrediting that to my devious tagging skills. Seriously, I’m Ninja Pro at tagging. I really just shove together words that people search for.

YUGIOH UPDATE: I’m loving the way my Genex Synchron Deck runs. I mean so far I’ve only won one duel with it, but it just belts out monsters. The deck I won against was an incomplete Six Sam Deck(I’m devious with Spell and Trap cards)

LIFE UPDATE: Everything is swell in the world of Will. Though I am a bit hungry, but I suppose that is my own problem so I’ll keep it to myself.

MUSIC UPDATE: I’m kinda pissed no one told me how awesome the band Attack Attack! was sooner. They’re great. Another thing… Falling In Reverse needs to release their album right now. I wanna hear the lyrics Ronnie came up with, with two years of solitude. I’m definately gonna have to up my word game in order to top it. That’s my life goal right there, to be a better lyricist than Ronnie Radke. It’ll be a long and bumpy road, but I’ll travel it and fight to the bitter end.

I wonder what its like to be the frog
out in the cold calling
to no one
…a child
a pet
a lost friend
my thoughtts burst
fire no water pools
at my feet a gate sinking
into the abyssimal depths
Why wonder when you can know?

Now go tell your friends about my epiicness.

Until Next Time,

“More time to play with my pretty ones!”-Random Nerd Rant #1

Ah yes, the age old question: Can a zombie apocalypse really happen? According to this article (http://www.cracked.com/article_18683_7-scientific-reasons-zombie-outbreak-would-fail-quickly.html) At cracked.com the answer is no. Well I have alot of time to think things over at work, as I am a courtesy clerk and it takes little to no brain power to mindlessly stock shelves and count things. One of the article’s biggest points is that the zombies would decay. Great arguement but it is wrong. The way zombie “viruses” usually work is to reanimate dead organisms. Which means that they are actually alive. The afflicted person’s brain is active, though to a very small degree. They have no pulse and their breathing is so slow that it seems as if they are not breathing. I came to this realization after revisiting the whole “zombi” powder. “Zombi” powder is a mixture of neurotoxins that put the target into a death-like state. Their heartbeat slows down, their breathing slows so it seems as if it had stopped, and the victim is usually announced “dead” but can see every moment of this.

Another thing the article states is that animals would easily pick them off. While this is true you have to think about it, if there was a disease that could reanimate humans it could in theory do the same to animals, it could also be highly poisonous to animals, or non-affecting to animals at all. Lets explore the reanimation of animals. The animals would eventually stop existing because they would either become “zombiefied” by eating the zombies, or they would become prey to other “zombiefied” animals which would altogether just make the apocalypse a much worse place to live in. Now let’s say the meat of an undead fleshbag was poisonous to animals, over time they would learn to avoid them at all costs.

Biting is a bad way to spread disease huh? Well lets use the scenario from number 4 shall we? 30 people are bitten in a crowd at an insane clown posse concert(eww) the rest of the crowd will likely panic, or do nothing, which will lead to those 30 people getting up and mawing down on more people, not to mention patient zero’s rampage on the rest of the crowd.

My point is that this article is too over generalized. It’s fallacious, and I disagree with everything it says.