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Yugioh Deck Update: Spawning Blue-Eyes White Dragon

With the new cards bestowed upon me, I was able to create a new dragon deck, which is now MUCH fiercer than my old one. I can now get Blue-Eyes White Dragon out in one turn. “Oh that’s easy ive been doing that for years,” you say? Well good for you. I never had the resource for this so now I’m feeling triumphant. Also I have formulated a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon OTK, so…. if I get lucky, everyone is screwed. That is all. I’ll probably have more updates later.

How the OTK would work:
Id have to draw 3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon, giant trunade, ploymerization, and de-fusion.

Clear the back field with trunade, set defusion, fusion summon blue-eyes ultimate, kill opponent’s monster, chain defusion for 3 blu-eyes, and finally poke for 9000 damage.

Until then,